EFF vows stern action against ‘double-dipping’ councillors



EFF vows stern action against ‘double-dipping’ councillors

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\n \n \n \n EFF leader Julius Malema, right, and spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi in Pretoria.\n \n \n \n
Image by: KEVIN SUTHERLAND\n \n \n \n


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\n “Weakness” in the Gauteng and the North West regions of the EFF will mean early provincial people’s assemblies to elect new leaders.\n

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That’s according to spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi‚ who said on Monday that those two provinces and KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape had been due to hold the elective gatherings this year.

But the party’s central command team “has taken a decision that due to the weakness of their provincial command teams‚ Gauteng and the North West must go for early provincial people’s assemblies”.

“Guidelines towards all these assemblies have been adopted and shall be published on all communication platforms of the EFF‚ including deadlines‚” he said.

Ndlozi said that the party’s third national plenum‚ which was held over the weekend‚ expressed that “we shall not only vote with the opposition‚ but we shall also take government”.

“Our objective is to reach an agreement that we take municipalities without co-governing; the DA and other parties must allow us to lead government in municipalities as we have allowed them to do so in municipalities and metros like Tshwane.”

He said that the party was “proud of the expanded mandate given by the people” in last year’s local government elections‚ and would “fight against corruption starting from our own ranks to the highest helms of the state; anyone found guilty of corruption shall be mentioned publicly; particularly councillors‚ MPs and MPLs”.

Ndlozi took aim at moonlighting councillors “keeping their previous jobs so that they earn as councillors whilst also earning as employees of other institutions”.

“An investigation in this regard is underway and stern actions shall be taken against those councillors found-double-dipping. It is EFF policy that councillors should work on full time basis for their communities.”

– TMG Digital

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