Parents must read to their children to improve literacy: Zuma



Parents must read to their children to improve literacy: Zuma

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\n Nomahlubi Jordaan | 2017-01-24 15:02:37.0\n \n \n \n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n \n\n\n \n \n

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\n \n \n \n President Jacob Zuma. File photo.\n \n \n \n
Image by: ESA ALEXANDER/THE TIMES\n \n \n \n


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\n President Jacob Zuma has urged parents to monitor the time their children spend on television and encourage them to read.\n

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“I call upon all parents who are able to do so‚ to read to their children and to also encourage them to read.

“Let us not allow television to take away the time of our children to read.

“Parents should control the time spent by children watching television‚ so that it does not affect their school work.”

Zuma said while the government is pleased with the progress it has made in the education sector‚ “immense” challenges still remain.

“We must do more to improve learner outcomes in mathematics‚ physical science‚ accounting and languages.

“More children must be encouraged to take these subjects‚ and more teachers must be trained to teach these subjects. The Basic Education Department is working on these matters.”

Zuma asked all stakeholders to help prevent learners dropping out of school.

“Our own analysis shows that only less than 50 percent of all the learners who joined our education system reach matriculation level after 12 years of learning.”

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