Fake news scammers target City of Tshwane and EFF



Fake news scammers target City of Tshwane and EFF

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\n A deliberate attempt to stir up trouble has forced both the City of Tshwane and the Economic Freedom Fighters to publicly distance themselves from fake statements of a threatened clampdown in Mamelodi and a purported call to shun some Johannesburg residents.\n

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Samkelo Mgobozi‚ spokesperson to the Executive Mayor of Tshwane‚ on Tuesday afternoon said there was categorically no truth in a supposed media statement forewarning the community of Mamelodi of a planned Operation Fiela initiative during the week to come under the auspices of the city’s Housing MMC‚ Mandla Nkomo.

This‚ he said‚ “is a manufactured lie”.

Operation Fiela‚ initially intended to be an anti-xenophobia campaign in 2015‚ has since become a general multi-team operation against criminality.

Mgobozi said: “As much as it is regrettable that we have to continuously deal with illegal land invasions and associated illegal water and electricity connections‚ we would like to make it clear that the City is not part of the multidisciplinary interdepartmental Operation Fiela.The City of Tshwane has at no point engaged with the SANDF nor other national departments mentioned in the statement to partake in Operation Fiela. In fact it is our position is that the SANDF’s role in Operation Fiela should be terminated immediately. We believe that that the military should only be used in our boarders in extreme circumstances and only as an auxiliary to the SAPS and not in their place.”

Mayoral committee member Nkomo said in a statement: “Our land invasion efforts are and have always been handled internally by our Metro Police department with the help of appointed service providers who monitor‚ prevent and evict offenders. Our position has always been that we must all abide by the Rule of Law. The key to successful local government is about being committed and determined to doing the basics right‚ and that includes provision of proper legally demarcated houses and rudimentary services.”

The Tshwane officials said the administration “has a vision for sustainable housing located within a broader land and social reform framework and efforts must be made to ensure that this vision is not side-lined. Persons already on the waiting list are urged to be patient and check the status of their applications at their nearest satellite office. Those wishing to apply for RDP houses must also visit these offices where their details will be captured and recorded.”

The EFF yesterday rejected an anti-foreigner statement issued in the name of the party.

“The statement … is not only fake but is contradicts everything EFF stands for‚” the movement said.

“We call on members of the EFF and the entire society to be careful of fake accounts and fake news.”

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