ACDP beats DA in fight over ‘abortion kills’ car


ACDP beats DA in fight over ‘abortion kills’ car

Katharine Child | 2017-01-27 12:52:45.0

Capetonian anti-abortion advocate Peter Throp.

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A man who has been parking his car plastered with “abortion kills” slogans near a Marie Stopes Clinic can no longer be fined for doing so.

This came after the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) forced Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille on Thursday to concede that the city’s advertising bylaws requiring municipal approval for signs do not apply to cars.

Capetonian anti-abortion advocate Peter Throp has been sitting outside the termination of pregnancy clinic in Bree Street a few days a week in his car that has anti-abortion messaging‚ according to Christian View Network‚ an anti-abortion religious group.

Throp was charged by the city in 2014 for “unauthorised signage” because the slogans on the car had not received municipal approval.

Christian View Network spokesman Phillip Rosenthal accused the City of Cape Town of harassing Throp and other pro-life protestors.

Rosenthal said: “Peter Throp gets up at 4am so he can be first to get the parking space outside the clinic.”

Rosenthal said: “Throp has refused to move himself and his car from outside Marie Stopes despite threats of legal action from the city council and death threats from pro-abortionists.:

ACDP councillor Gareth Haskin said Throp brought the misinterpretation of the bylaw to his attention‚ but the party was not expressing support for the signage on his car.

“All we as the political party did was establish it is completely legal to have these signs on his car‚” said Haskins.

“Whether Throp continues to protest is up to him. He has freedom of expression‚ which is quite acceptable in our democracy.

“De Lille’s answer means the city and mayor cannot persecute or harass or fine a person simply because it disagrees with the person’s views.”

Rosenthal‚ however‚ accused the city of “wasting ratepayers’ money harassing pro-life protesters who are saving innocent babies from abortion”.

Termination of pregnancy is legal for any women under 12 weeks pregnant without a reason. It is legal up to 20 weeks if the mother feels her own physical or mental health is at stake‚ or her economic or social situation does not allow her to have a child.

Marie Stopes Clinic and the City of Cape Town had not commented at the time of publication.

– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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