Flood warnings in place‚ but Capetonians are loving the welcome rains


Flood warnings in place‚ but Capetonians are loving the welcome rains

Petru Saal | 2017-01-27 11:28:50.0

Midmar Road off La Belle in Bellville, Cape Town, this morning. File photo

Image by: City of Cape Town

It’s raining‚ it’s pouring and Capetonians are loving it. While authorities reported that certain areas have flooded‚ residents are flooding social media to express their gratitude. The drought and devastating fires in recent weeks have put strain on the city.

Caption: Flooding on the roads in Bellville – Images supplied by the City of Cape Town

One resident posted a photograph of her and a friend on Twitter and said: ”

Another wrote:

Due to the rainfall‚ traffic has been backed up and various roads have been flooded across the city.

“There were quite a few fender-bender crashes along the R300‚ N1 and N2 which negatively impacted traffic in to the city this morning as a result of the heavy rainfall experienced during the early hours of this morning” said Cape Town traffic services media liaison Maxine Bezuidenhoudt.

Motorists are urged to switch on their headlights when travelling and to always ensure a safe following distance.

Dam levels reached a shocking low and the city will be implementing level 3B water restrictions.

Dam levels typically fall by two percentage points a week at the height of summer. This means that without urgent savings the water supply will run out in about 105 days.

“Make no mistake‚ this is a serious situation that we must all work together to address‚ urgently. Saving water is not optional‚” Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille said on Thursday at council’s first meeting of the year.

As a result of non-compliance with water restrictions‚ the city council had collected an extra R254-million from water sales. “But we can’t use this money to buy more water. Because of your abuse‚ we will all suffer.”


– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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