I’m no US spy, says Durban councillor


I’m no US spy, says Durban councillor

Yasantha Naidoo | 2017-01-30 14:10:36.0

The US flag which sparked outrage hanging outside Crouch’s home

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A Durban councillor and private investigator has removed a social media post after he was accused of being unpatriotic and a US spy.

DA ward councillor Rick Crouch on Monday took down a Facebook post that he had written on January 27 in which he defended his family’s right to fly a US flag. In the comments section‚ Crouch said he wasn’t feeling patriotic to South Africa because white people were disadvantaged.

Crouch‚ a former US resident‚ moved to South Africa in 2008 with his wife‚ who is an American citizen and their two sons who were born in the US.

In the post‚ he said: “To the person who is driving by my house yelling F#&K Trump‚ because we have a US flag flying‚ grow up‚ get a life‚ and eat S@&T while you are about it.”

He said further that his wife didn’t vote for Trump and that the person should research patriotism‚ because they didn’t support Trump but loved the country.

While many people supported his sentiment‚ a few attacked him and his family for not being patriotic to South Africa.

In response‚ Crouch defended his wife and son’s right to celebrate their US heritage and not put up a South African flag.

He said that he wasn’t “feeling very patriotic toward this country right now because as whites‚ in my opinion‚ we are disadvantaged‚ so much so that my sons have to leave the country to be accepted into any decent college no matter how great their marks are. (sic) this country is not doing much now to make me cheer…”.

“The post created much trolling and some even attacked me and called me a US spy. There was one person who said that he was going to lay an official complaint with the DA because he was unpatriotic‚” he said.

Crouch said he decided to remove the post because his children were also affected by the comments.

“There is a difference between liking a president and being patriotic to your country. I am proudly South African.”

He said he wasn’t aware if any complaints had been lodged against him.

“There are a number of senior DA officials who are my friends and who would have seen the post.”

DA KZN leader Zwakele Mncwango didn’t respond immediately to queries about Crouch.

-TMG Digital/The Times

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