Bail denied for two accused of skinning donkeys alive


Bail denied for two accused of skinning donkeys alive

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Morena Kimanu Dlomo and Lati Makatso will appear in courtfor allegedly skinning donkeys alive. Photo file.

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A man and woman accused of allegedly skinning donkeys alive have been denied bail in the Sani Magistrate’s Court in KwaZulu-Natal.

Morena Kimanu Dlomo and Lati Makatso will appear in court on February 6 on charges of cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act.

The charges were laid by the National Council of SPCAs after 35 donkeys were found skinned in a kraal on a plot of land eight kilometres from the border between KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho in the Twin Springs area. “Evidence indicates that the method of slaughter was horrendous. Indications on the carcasses show a hole behind the head. That is‚ the donkeys appear to have been ‘immobilised’ with an instrument‚ then skinned‚ probably whilst still conscious. Death would have been slow and excruciatingly painful‚” the NSPCA said on Tuesday.

It added that investigations in the area were ongoing.

“Reports have been received that there are more donkeys in the area who may be at risk. Several days have been spent searching but to no avail. The area is vast and mountainous.

“It is clear that the demand for donkey skins supposedly for medicinal purposes continues in our country‚ now having spread to remote rural areas and possibly to a neighbouring country. NSPCA and Sani SPCA personnel met with officials on the Lesotho and SA sides to make them aware of the situation‚” the NSPCA said.

It added that worldwide action was being taken on the issue of donkeys being killed for their skins for the Chinese ejiao trade (donkey skins being used for supposedly medicinal purposes). This initiative was the result of worldwide consultation and investigation from The Donkey Sanctuary UK‚ it said.

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