Musina mayor to get a R1.1m car – Guess what make it is?


Musina mayor to get a R1.1m car – Guess what make it is?

TMG Digital | 2017-01-31 15:06:14.0

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope

Image by: Facebook/Musina Local Municipality

Musina mayor Mihloti Muhlope is getting new wheels‚ with a price tag of R1.1 million‚ and councillor Elliot Magwira from the Democratic Alliance is hopping mad.

A brand new Mercedes Benz 4×4 ML 350 is at stake.

Magwira has asked Limpopo Cooperative Governance MEC‚ Makoma Makhurupetje‚ to probe a case of wasteful expenditure against the Musina Municipality.

He said the decision was taken by the previous council and the DA challenged the decision during the council sitting on January 25. The ANC used its majority and voted in favour of buying the car for the mayor.

“The car is to be delivered in the next few days…

“Musina has a huge service delivery backlog and wasting more than a million rands on a luxury car for politicians is a disgrace and unacceptable.”

Magwira urged MEC Makhurupetje to stop the purchase and ensure that the car is not delivered to the Mayor.

He said the money could have been spent to finish the sports centre in Musina extension 6 in Harper‚ or “solve the sanitation crisis in the urban area where water is flowing on the ground whilst all roads that lead to town are damaged with potholes”.

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