‘My integrity is intact’ – Gerrie Nel says he is not playing politics


‘My integrity is intact’ – Gerrie Nel says he is not playing politics

Nomahlubi Jordaan | 2017-02-01 08:53:47.0

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Advocate Gerrie Nel. Photo file.



Advocate Gerrie Nel says he did not join lobby group Afriforum because he has a political agenda.

“Over the 35 years [of my career]‚ I have built up and integrity profile. My integrity is not for sale.”

He challenged people to follow him to see if he is now following a “different” agenda.

Nel was speaking on Xolani Gwala’s show on radio 702.

“I’m confident that the integrity profile I built over 35 years will still be intact.”

Asked if he was drawn to Afriforum by their values‚ Nel said‚ “I am drawn to them by the opportunity to create something new. That’s why I’m there”.

“What drew me to take up this position is the fact that it’s a concept that I thought is exciting. It’s a concept that I thought was necessary and the mere fact that Afriforum is willing to put its resources aside and create this‚ that definitely drew me to the position. I don’t have a political agenda.”

Nel said he believes the country needs a private prosecution office.

He said he was not worried about people’s perceptions on why he joined Afriforum‚ a group that has been seen to be fighting against affirmative action and transformation in sport.

“There will always be perceptions. I believe in my past actions and past career and people can look at that. I challenge people to scrutinise what I will be doing from now on and then tell me that is what I’m doing.”

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