WATCH: Thieves sent scurrying after being hit by “hectic” pepper spray


WATCH: Thieves sent scurrying after being hit by “hectic” pepper spray

Matthew Savides | 2017-01-31 14:18:13.0

It took four would-be robbers five minutes to break into a Durban business‚ but they went scurrying out just 11 seconds after going through the door.

The reason for their swift retreat: they were blasted by pepper spray.

The office was empty because the attempted break-in was in the early hours of Monday morning‚ said Ian Colls‚ director of Compusafe‚ who sent CCTV footage of the attempted break-in to TMG Digital. Because of a sensor-activate pepper spray alarm‚ the thieves got away with nothing.

“I installed the pepper spray two years ago after one or two small break-ins‚ but this is the first time the alarm was put to the test.

“They [the four men] derailed the gates‚ brought their car in‚ and used bolt cutters to cut the locks off the door. They then used a crowbar to open the security gate. As they got in‚ the pepper spray activated‚” said Colls.

The first three men ran into the building‚ but the fourth could not even get inside‚ seemingly because the pepper spray was so strong. The three then rush out empty handed.

“This stuff is hectic‚” said Colls. “I got sprayed last Wednesday when I was doing work at a house. The alarm was in the roof and I forgot to deactivate it. It took two days for the air to clear for me to get back in there.”

He said that the pepper spray system‚ which was growing in popularity‚ was proving effective.

“We’ve done our stats over the past two years‚ and we have a 96.4% success rate of when people get in but don’t steal anything‚” he said.

Police are investigating the break-in.

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