Cape Town councillors caught out for dodging traffic fines


Cape Town councillors caught out for dodging traffic fines

Aphiwe Deklerk | 2017-02-01 13:05:59.0

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They make the by-laws but some councillors in the City of Cape Town don’t obey them on the road.

Council speaker Dirk Smit said that four city councillors have warrants of arrest for failing to appear in court and pay their traffic fines.

And should they fail to clear their names‚ they will face disciplinary action.

“[It] is a problem because they are law makers. They must abide by the law. I gave them an opportunity to rectify that within seven days when I got the information‚” said Smit.

He declined to name the councillors‚ saying he wanted to give them an opportunity to rectify the problem first.

“You don’t know what exactly the reasons and the circumstances are. Maybe a person was in hospital. Maybe his son or daughter is driving the car‚” said Smit.

“But at the end of the day‚ they are accountable and it’s on their names. I do not go to the background‚ I give them the information and say ‘rectify’. That is what happened.”

He said every six months he gets information about “one or two” councillors with a warrant of arrest for failure to appear in court for traffic violations.

The phenomenon was spread across all political parties represented in council.

Xolani Sotashe‚ ANC chairman and leader of the official opposition in council‚ said he did not know about the culprits.

“This is a personal matter. I would not know because [Smit] never told us: ‘Here is the number of councillors from the ANC and these are the names’‚ No‚” said Sotashe.

Sotashe said he suspected that the main culprits were members of the DA.

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