‘Zuma is a conman and the worst president the ANC has ever had’ – Pityana’s worst ever attack on JZ?


‘Zuma is a conman and the worst president the ANC has ever had’ – Pityana’s worst ever attack on JZ?

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President Zuma answers questions at Parliament in Cape Town

President Jacob Zuma answers questions at Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, March 17, 2016.



The Save South Africa movement is convening a People’s Assembly next week‚ dubbed the Real State of the Nation address‚ “to present the truth about the Zuma administration‚ and the truth about South Africa”‚ says its leader‚ businessman Sipho Pityana.

President Jacob Zuma would not be short of words when he delivered his State of the Nation Address (SoNA) a week from today, Pityana said‚ but he anticipated this would be “the most underwhelming State of the Nation Address in democratic South African history”.

“After all‚ it will be delivered by the worst head of the post-apartheid state and the worst President the African National Congress has ever had.

“… It will be delivered by a head of state who … has neither honour nor integrity‚ and absolutely no sense of accountability.

“…He will gloss over the mistakes he has made‚ he will ignore the rampant corruption and abuse that causes the current crises we face‚ and he will roll out another set of promises‚ replete with unintelligible numbers.

“If it were not so tragic‚ it would be hilarious.

“But there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma‚ despite the name his parents gave him. Absolutely nothing.

“Each year‚ he climbs the podium in Parliament and promises us a better future that he has no intention to deliver – because he has no respect for the people of this country.

“…His leadership has set our country many years back on so many fronts.

“A simple analysis of previous SoNA speeches shows that Zuma is nothing more than a conman and a dishonorable leader. After all‚ this is a President whom the Constitutional Court found to have broken his oath of office to uphold‚ promote and defend the constitution.”

Pityana was speaking at the Cape Town Press Club on Thursday.

He started his address by asking the gathering to observe a minute’s silence for the 94 mental health patients who died in Gauteng.

“There is nothing one could say to describe the horror and sheer neglect visited upon the most vulnerable in our society. What has been inflicted upon these defenceless people undermines our collective humanity‚” said Pityana.

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