New Zealand celebrity couple arrive home with scare stories about crime-ridden SA


New Zealand celebrity couple arrive home with scare stories about crime-ridden SA

Dave Chambers | 2017-02-05 10:54:35.0

CCTV still of the burglary of the Camps Bay property where Barry Soper and Heather Du Plessis Allan were staying.

Image by: Supplied/Herald on Sunday

A well-known New Zealand media couple were burgled then hijacked during a holiday in South Africa.

“Anyone visiting there should be extra careful at the moment‚” political journalist Barry Soper told the Herald on Sunday after returning from a month-long holiday in Cape Town and Johannesburg with his South Africa-born TV newsreader wife Heather Du Plessis Allan.

Soper told the newspaper he was forced to fight off a hijacker in a “bad area” of Johannesburg. A week earlier the couple had electronic goods stolen from their rented Camps Bay cottage by a team of four burglars.

“Heather was born in South Africa and we have been there many times before without incident‚” Soper said. “But this was scary stuff. The carjacking was very frightening.”

Soper first became aware of trouble when he was driving through Hillbrow. “It was a Monday afternoon‚ the traffic was heavy and there were hundreds of people milling around the streets‚” he said.

“I noticed a truck was driving alongside us and the driver was taking more than a healthy interest in what we had in the car.

“He then drove ahead of us before pulling up and getting out of the truck and disappearing into the crowd.”

When traffic came to a standstill another man started pounding on his window‚ Soper said. “I didn’t know what he wanted and being a typical Kiwi I rolled down the window to ask what was up.”

Soper was stunned when a bigger man appeared and launched himself though the open window‚ grabbing at them and demanding their cellphones.

“I thought he was going to produce a weapon. I ended up wrestling with the guy and managed to whack him in the face before getting the window up and getting away.

“What was more frightening than anything was people just stood by and watched it happen‚ no one tried to help. And the police didn’t seem all that interested in investigating anything either.”

A week earlier the couple were robbed as they dined with Du Plessis-Allan’s family a few doors away from their cottage in a Camps Bay gated estate.

“The burglars even had the cheek to nick all of Heather’s underwear but left mine alone‚” Soper told the Herald on Sunday. “I was a bit insulted by that because I had my best Calvin Klein boxers with me.” CCTV FOOTAGE CAN BE VIEWED HERE

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