Christian organisation rejoices after strip club sky banner grounded


Christian organisation rejoices after strip club sky banner grounded

Petru Saal | 2017-02-06 17:09:16.0

Flying banner to advertise a strip club!!!

Image by: Facebook/Philldo You

A Christian organisation is rejoicing after the “grounding” of a giant‚ flying banner advertising a gentleman’s strip club over the city of Cape Town.

Mavericks is a known gentlemen’s bar frequented by locals and tourists alike. Christian View Network gleefully informed more than five-thousand followers in a Facebook post: “Breaking News: No more Mavericks strip club banners flying in Cape Town any more.”

The group‚ which has strong view on pornography and same-sex marriages‚ has been vehemently opposed to the banner‚ dragged across the sky by a company that does aerial advertising‚ since last year arguing that “strip clubs destroy marriages by tempting men to cheat on their wives”.

“We have a problem with sex being commercialised‚ in our view sex should be within marriage only. We also view it [strip clubs] as an exploitation of women” said Paul Rosenthal from the organisation.

this banner was advertising a strip club in Dundalk today…

Posted by Jody Hough on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Christian View Network describes itself as being anti-abortion‚ pro-abstinence to sex before marriage and faithfulness in marriages. They are anti-pornography‚ anti- homosexuality and anti-same-sex marriage.

“There are all sorts of evils associated with strip clubs. The entrance fee to Mavericks is R100 plus your marriage; families are being destroyed.

“These places are destroying people’s marriages‚ men go into such places‚ they get tempted and then they want the real thing‚” said Rosenthal.

However‚ sales manager at Sky Messaging‚ Florian Rupier‚ had a much simpler explanation for the disappearing advert on Monday.

“Currently‚ Mavericks’ contract is completed. There might be still a few flights in the future on an ad hoc basis but the only reason we are not flying them now is because their contract came to an end‚” he said.

Rupier said that Mavericks had been one of the first clients of the aerial company and had remained a loyal customer for years. “We received one phone call from a gentleman saying that we should not be flying the Mavericks add‚ but it’s not up to him to decide.”

The owner of Mavericks‚ Shane Harrison‚ also refuted the claim that they would no longer be advertising the gentleman’s bar.

“We decided to do other things with our budget‚” chuckled an amused Harrison.

Mavericks is no stranger publicity. In the past the strip club was knee deep in litigation with the Department of Home Affairs over its refusal to issue work permits to the foreign dancers.

Mavericks is known for making use of dancers from Venezuela‚ Brazil‚ Russia and Colombia. During his South African tour‚ singer Enrique Iglesias was treated to a private lap dance at the club.

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