Two alleged UK abusers in Cape Town – One fighting extradition; and victims of the other coming forward


Tucker’s attorney‚ Leon van der Merwe‚ withdrew an original appeal to have the tracking bracelet fitted to his ankle removed.

Van Der Merwe said his client wanted to run to the gym on the Sea Point promenade‚ which is almost three kilometres from his house.

In court‚ Tucker held up the leg of his pants‚ revealing a large bracelet‚ and said that he would have to strap the bracelet with compression tape to try and make his run more comfortable.

He also asked for permission to go to the Sea Point public swimming pool.

State advocate Christopher Burke agreed to the request.

He is expected to appear again on February 28.

Tucker was arrested in Cape Town in March last year. He faces 42 counts of indecent assault allegedly committed between 1983 and 1993 in his home country. Authorities in the UK want him extradited to face the charges‚ but he has been fighting not to go back.

His lawyer‚ Reuben Liddell‚ previously told the court that he should be released immediately because indecent assault is no longer punishable in South Africa. The offences‚ argued Liddell‚ are also not extraditable transgressions.

Meanwhile‚ a six-month investigation by Channel 4 News in the UK lifted the lid on how a prominent lawyer‚ John Smyth‚ allegedly “severely assaulted boys and young men for decades”.

The beatings took place at Christian holiday camps in the UK.

Smyth‚ 75‚ has since been dismissed from his leadership at a Cape Town church. He has also been dismissed from his position as director of the Justice Alliance.

On Sunday‚ The Telegraph ran a piece written by one of Symth’s victims who had been beaten for years.

Peter Robertson‚ now 56‚ said he met Smyth through the Christian Forum at school.

He had been sent to boarding school. Because he missed his parents‚ Smyth became a “father figure” to him and other boys. Robertson said he often spent time with Smyth and his family at their home. Then‚ in January 1977‚ when he was 16‚ Smyth quoted from the Bible.

“Hebrews in particular – he said it wasn’t enough to repent your sins; that they needed to be purged by beatings. I had to bleed for Jesus.

“He was particularly interested in the usual teenage stuff – masturbation‚ indecent thoughts‚ pornographic magazines… That got my attention immediately. I was a 16-year-old boy‚ after all‚ newly over the age of consent. Sex was what I thought about most of the time. But as I took my clothes off in the garden shed‚ I slowly realised that sex was not what Smyth had in mind. As soon as I was naked‚ he asked me to bend over‚ said a short prayer and then encouraged me to pray out loud while he removed a cane from the stack. I was stunned by how hard he hit me that first time and gasped with what little breath I had left.”

After 10 strokes he felt his skin burn‚ after 20 blood was “trickling down from my buttocks to my legs”.

“At 30‚ he stopped and embraced me from behind‚ leaning against my back nuzzling his face against my neck and whispering how proud he was of me.”

That was the first of 8000 strokes Robertson got over four years.

– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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