441 soldiers to join cops for security at SONA


441 soldiers to join cops for security at SONA

TMG Digital | 2017-02-07 20:59:27.0

SANDF soldiers. File photo.

Image by: Times Media Group

President Jacob Zuma has given the army the green light to join the police in keeping the peace on the Cape Town’s streets ahead of the State of the Nation Address.

Four hundred and forty one members of the South African National Defence Force will be deployed until Friday‚ the presidency said in a statement.

The SANDF members will help police “maintain law and order” during the opening of parliament‚ the Presidency said.

The military deployment will last until February 10.

Security is expected to be unusually tight at this year’s address.

At least seven streets are expected to be closed surrounding the parliamentary precinct‚ according to an internal memorandum from secretary to parliament Gengezi Mgidlana to all staff members.

Staff who are not performing any specific duties on the day of the address have been told not to come in.

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