‘I don’t know when he stabbed me’ – Man with knife lodged in neck subdues attacker


‘I don’t know when he stabbed me’ – Man with knife lodged in neck subdues attacker

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Johan Viviers was lucky to survive after being stabbed in the neck.

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With a knife sticking out of his neck‚ a Newcastle man subdued an armed house robber as he waited for police to arrive on Saturday night.


Johan Viviers‚ 38‚ credits his miracle survival to God after his brush with the knife-wielding attacker.

Speaking to TMG Digital‚ Viviers said the dramatic string of events started when his mother happened upon a burglar in their home.

“Everything happened so fast. My mother came home from work and when she went into her room she saw someone running. All of a sudden she saw this figure who stood up with a knife‚” he said.

“I was outside on the front veranda and as she screamed he started running. I saw him running out by the back door. I ran around the house and he ran into me there‚” Viviers added.

Viviers then began his melee with the man in an effort to hold him down. During the fray‚ he was stabbed in the neck‚ with the Shogun knife left lodged inside him.

“I don’t know when he stabbed me but we were on the floor and we were fighting. I was trying to get the knife off him… I got hold of him and I started hitting him. I felt something in my neck. I held him until the police got there and only then released the knife was stuck in me.

“I know how lucky I am to be alive. There was no damage to blood vessels or anything inside my throat. It even missed the muscles‚” Viviers added.

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Johan Viviers in hospital. Photo: Supplied

A source in the security industry with knowledge of the incident‚ who asked not to be named‚ said that both Viviers and the alleged house robber had been taken to hospital.

Police spokespeople had not responded to questions at the time of publication.

– TMG Digital

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