Maverick move could end in tailspin for Christian group offended by strip club


Maverick move could end in tailspin for Christian group offended by strip club

Petru Saal | 2017-02-08 13:32:37.0

The offending flying advert for Mavericks.

Image by: Sky Messaging via Facebook

Christians offended by the prospect of a “gentlemen’s club” advert reappearing in the sky have exchanged more acerbic words with a company that flies advertising banners over Cape Town.

Christian View Network – which describes itself as a public advocacy ministry promoting a “biblical worldview” – was elated earlier this week at the supposed “grounding” of a flying advert for Mavericks.

But‚ as it turns out‚ the contract had simply come to an end and the banner will still be towed behind an aircraft on an ad-hoc basis.

Upon hearing the news‚ Phillip Rosenthal from the Christian View Network wrote to Sky Messaging sales manager Florian Rupier on Tuesday‚ saying that revenue from strip clubs fell into the category of “the wages of prostitutes”.

“Should you fly Mavericks Strip club banners again‚ we will be contacting your other clients… to ask them to boycott your company‚” said the email.

He named the Democratic Alliance‚ retailers and a property company as being among 11 prominent clients who would be targeted.

TMG Digital established that Rosenthal was informed later on Tuesday that he would face legal action should he carry out his threat

Sky Messaging declined to comment about pressure being exerted on the company.

Mavericks owner Shane Harrison assured TMG Digital that the gentleman’s club would continue to advertise itself on various platforms.

– TMG Digital

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