ANC members gather at Grand Parade for People’s Assembly


ANC members gather at Grand Parade for People’s Assembly

Aron Hyman | 2017-02-09 15:46:24.0

Cultural programme underway at the Grand Parade.

Image by: Twitter/@MYANC

Hundreds of ANC members gathered at the Grand Parade in Cape Town on Thursday afternoon for the party’s People’s Assembly.

The event was organised by the ANC ahead of Thursday evening’s State of the Nation Address. Many of the people came in “defence” of President Jacob Zuma and in celebration of the ANC and its legacy.

Bathandwa Frans‚ 25‚ from Khayelitsha‚ said he was concerned about the decline in the party’s popularity but said he wants Zuma to finish his term as president.

“The ANC will regain its popularity once they reshuffle the NEC. Today the president can speak and finish‚ then we can hear who will be the next president.

“In my view as a young person‚ it can be Cyril Ramaphosa. We know he is a business man‚ he can create many good things for the people of this country‚ he’s not that hungry‚” said Frans.

He hopes to hear the president speak about free education and unemployment‚ especially for the youth.

Frans said he wanted peace and prosperity for South Africa and to be proud of the country and its people.

Fellow supporter Mawethu Ngxanga‚ 46‚ said they would “defend themselves” against Julius Malema and his “ants”.

“The ants are going to come‚ and we are going to defend ourselves. We don’t fight‚ but if they come we will‚” said Ngxanga.

“We are here to hear the democratically elected president speak. He must finish this process‚” said Ngxanga. Xolile Molose‚ 40‚ said he is not an ANC member but he wants to hear the leader of the country speak.

“I just came to hear what President Zuma says about service delivery and what more is planned for us around alleviating unemployment. We heard him talk about radical transformation of the economy so we want to see him elaborate on that‚” said Molose.

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