Jobs‚ crime and grime – What Captonians want President Jacob Zuma to address


Jobs‚ crime and grime – What Captonians want President Jacob Zuma to address

Aron Hyman | 2017-02-09 16:52:52.0

President Jacob Zuma. File photo

Image by: The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa via Flickr

Ordinary South Africans have highlighted what they would like President Jacob Zuma to deal with during his State of the Nation Address tonight.

Here is a selection of views:

Jason Powell‚ 21: I want him to talk about the crime going on in the areas so people can walk around freely and not be afraid.

Jason Powell.png 

Natasha Liesner‚ 24: I’d like him to talk about his plans…for tertiary education but also importantly primary and high school. I want to know what his plans.. are to ensure that more people are educated in the country. I would also like him to talk about his plans going forward for the economy.


Reuvén Wium‚ 21: Maybe just about littering in our country…it’s incredibly disgusting. I’ve tried to do something about it but the issue is so large. Tutu Same: I just want the President to speak about jobs because I see the needs of the people…Also‚ what mechanism he has to fight crime.

Reuvén Wium.png 

Somelele Mgecwa: I want to hear about unemployment…they hire more foreigners than us. In Cape Town there are more foreigners hired at restaurants and hotels than people who are from South Africa.

Somelele Mgecwa.png 

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