Why we always see red just before Zuma opens his mouth


Why we always see red just before Zuma opens his mouth

Nashira Davids | 2017-02-09 12:40:25.0

President Jacob Zuma. File photo

Image by: The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa via Flickr

In just a few hours the country’s most famous red carpet will be rolled out at Parliament.

Every year‚ before the state of the nation address‚ some of the country’s most influential personalities glide down the crimson dressed in their best.

So what is the story behind red carpets? It would appear‚ according to a 2016 BBC article‚ that the red carpet dates back to ancient Greece.

The article also noted that red carpets “’appeared frequently” in Renaissance art‚ “usually Oriental and intricately patterned in style‚ and were seen in paints of deities‚ saints and royalty”.

Elsewhere‚ red is described as the colour of “passion‚ seduction‚ violence‚ danger‚ anger and adventure”.

No doubt our South African politicians possess all such qualities too – the EFF leaps to mind. Yet Julius Malema and his team have avoided the red carpet in the past‚ while President Jacob Zuma usually walks its whole length.

Every year dozens of workers are seen‚ nipping‚ tucking‚ dusting‚ plucking and sweeping the carpet shortly before the country’s main characters make their grand entrance.

On Thursday morning‚ only the dramatic red carpet on the stairs leading to the National Assembly had been rolled out.

– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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