EFF‚ DA are ‘rascals’: Edward Zuma weighs in on SONA


EFF‚ DA are ‘rascals’: Edward Zuma weighs in on SONA

Nathi Olifant | 2017-02-10 11:40:06.0

President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward said SONA became “a very bad portrayal of our country to the world”. File photo.


President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward has coming out guns blazing over the chaos during the state of the nation address (SONA) on Thursday night‚ labelling the EFF and DA as “rascals” over their disruptions of proceedings.

Speaking to East Coast Radio on Friday morning‚ Edward pointed fingers at those parties as the instigators of the pandemonium.

Edward said SONA became “a very bad portrayal of our country to the world”.

He said this was due to “some elements [of] what I would call rascals‚ people who misbehave unnecessarily and disrespecting the constitution of the republic”.

“[A constitution] which they claim to respect‚ by the way. But surprisingly they decided to disrespect it last night. And it’s very surprising because we were expecting to listen to the president of the republic speaking to the nation‚” he said during the two-minute interview.

“What they actually did was very much embarrassing to everybody‚” he said.

Edward said his father does not take the disruptions as seriously as he takes the issues of the country.

“The president doesn’t also take that serious… what he takes serious is the disrespecting of the country. You know it’s not about the president individually; to him it’s always about the country. He cares more about the country than himself‚” said Edward.

“I am speaking as an individual and a South African citizen that sits and observes. I know that I’m related to the president‚ but I do not speak on behalf of the president nor do I speak on behalf of the family. But as a person who is an activist myself in the ANC I have every right to make my comments‚” he said.

He said the EFF and the DA have sold out their voters.

“However‚ regardless of embarrassing situation and the scenes that were caused by the Economic Freedom Front (sic) and the Democratic Alliance which are unnecessary. I think they have sold out and deceived their voters‚” he said.

He urged South Africans to rally behind government programmes “so that we can see change in South Africa”.

– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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