WATCH: Was this Malema’s most scathing attack on Mbete EVER?


WATCH: Was this Malema’s most scathing attack on Mbete EVER?

TimesLIVE | 2017-02-10 10:40:31.0

EFF leader Julius Malema pulled no punches when he took on Speaker Baleka Mbete during the State of the Nation address in Parliament on Thursday night.

President Jacob Zuma was interrupted twice while trying to say his speech by EFF MPs who rose on points of order, including the EFF leader.

Malema said that the 441 soldiers should not only be for Zuma’s protection but for the protection of all members of Parliament. He reiterated the fact that there were police officers outside ready to arrest party members and carrying injections as biological weapons.

Malema told Mbete had a duty to uphold the Constitution and protect the members, even as he lobbied shots at the president.

“Sitting in front of us is an incorrigible man, rotten to the core,” said Malema. “He must address the nation from prison.”

When Mbete asked him to leave the chamber, he then turned his fury on Mbete, telling her it was exactly this behaviour that stopped her from being put forward as a candidate for president by the ANC women’s league.

“Your conduct has failed you to be a candidate for president because you are irrational, you are impatient, you are partisan,” Malema said.

When Mbete retorted that she refused to be abused by Malema the whole night, the EFF leader shot back that they were the ones being used by Zuma. He then added that Mbete was scared of Zuma. “He used you, he dumped you, he used you and promised you that you are going to be a president. You went home, you slaughtered a cow and he dumped you.”


Members of the EFF used their hard hats as missiles after parliamentary protection services members were called in to remove them from the National Assembly as screams of “f**k you” rang out from ANC benches.

The speech was delayed by over an hour.

Speaking from a small stage outside Parliament, Malema warned: “We are prepared to leave this parliament in a coffin. We won’t be intimidated by soldiers and police who are protecting that constitutional delinquent (Zuma).”

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