Hawks boss Ntlemeza warns O’Sullivan to ‘join the dots’ the right way


Hawks boss Ntlemeza warns O’Sullivan to ‘join the dots’ the right way

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Private investigator Paul O’Sullivan. File photo.

Image by: Puxley Makgatho. © Business Day.

The National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI) Lieutenant-General Mthandazo Ntlemeza says that if private investigator Paul O’Sullivan has any dots to join‚ he should do so within the ambit of the law and stop “feeding the residents of this country with well-orchestrated lies through his partisan media”.

In a statement on Sunday‚ the Hawks said Ntlemeza had noted with “absolute bewilderment” media reports as well as the so-called ‘Joining The Dots’ document on the alleged capture of the criminal justice system prepared by O’Sullivan.

“Of all the things that this so called document had speculated‚ Lieutenant-General Ntlemeza is more concerned about the malicious‚ baseless accusations which seeks to compromise or to undermine the sovereignty of the country‚ calculatingly destabilise the Justice system‚ make wild accusations against senior government officials‚ journalists‚ business people and more importantly denting the image of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the DPCI‚ the elite crime fighting unit which he leads‚” the statement read.

“With O’Sullivan having proved himself over the years that he is too forward and never thinks twice in his endless attempts to claim glory; if the contents of his so-called report had any substance‚ the man would have already opened hundreds of dockets against the people he had pointed fingers at‚ in his document‚” it added.

It stated that O’Sullivan was prepared and would “stop at nothing” in his quest to tarnish the image of the Hawks‚ the integrity of the Justice System and reverse all the gains the country had attained post 1994.

“If the dots he apparently joined thus far proves some degree of criminality against certain individuals‚ why doesn’t Paul O’Sullivan ‘Join The Dots’ the right way?

“His continuous attempts to turn the people of this country against the Government‚ credible institutions and private individuals that have the best interests of justice at heart have been tamed‚ and at best‚ to be ineffective.

“His modus operandi of digging people’s dirt‚ dragging their names through the mud‚ accusing them of non-existent crimes and seeking public sympathy has been overdone and the National Head of the DPCI challenges Paul O’Sullivan and his community of liars to put their money where their mouth is‚” the Hawks said in their statement.

“If Paul O’Sullivan is as learned as he claims to be together with his cabal‚ they should know the simple procedure of laying criminal charges here in South Africa. Their media might assist in spreading the rumours but will definitely not criminally charge anyone‚” the statement added.

Saying that as the Hawks they had “been there‚ done that and got all the t-shirts”‚ they said that “no stunts that Paul O’Sullivan or anyone for that matter will derail us from detecting‚ combating and investigating serious corruption‚ serious organised crime and serious commercial crime”.

“By releasing his ‘report’ we believe that Paul O’Sullivan has already joined his dots and by now he should have laid charges against all his so called suspects‚” the Hawks added.

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