Community traces homeless man’s beloved dogs


Community traces homeless man’s beloved dogs

Nomahlubi Jordaan | 2017-02-17 12:28:51.0

Johnathan got Blacky and Browny back today and they are back in Melville together.

Image by: Facebook/Ian Logan

A homeless Johannesburg man has been reunited with his dogs after a woman who promised to feed them took the pets to the SPCA.

People in Melville rallied to spread the word until the pair of furry friends were found.

The dogs disappeared after the woman who promised to feed them‚ took them from the man‚ known only as Jonathan‚ and never brought them back.

In a photograph posted on Facebook‚ Johnathan holds his dogs‚ Blackie and Brownie‚ with a huge smile on his face.

The dogs‚ according to GoodThingsGuy‚ a community newspaper‚ were taken to the SPCA. The woman who promised to feed them I is believed to have told the organisation the dogs were strays.

When SPCA became aware of Jonathan’s plight the dogs were returned.The organisation has promised to make sure the dogs are fed.

Reacting to the happy news on Facebook‚ Wendy Jones said: “That is just more than words can express. Thank you and many‚ many blessings. I just wish we could find a place for this gentle man and the two loves of [his] life”.

“Ahhhhh that’s amazing. This family needs to be off the streets now. I so wish I had a room to offer them: ( Did he give you clothing / shoe sizes?‚”Lynden Cotterell said.

Sonia May said: It will be greatly appreciated as all of us helped him get the dogs‚ help him find a place to stay. That will be a lasting solution to his problems and maybe begin to look for a job.”

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