Gigaba refutes claims that foreigners must constitute 40% of SA companies


Gigaba refutes claims that foreigners must constitute 40% of SA companies

TMG Digital | 2017-02-18 14:07:58.0

Minister Malusi Gigaba also has the support of the ANC youth league.

Image by: Martin Rhodes

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has refuted as “completely baseless” and a “blatant lie” claims on social media that he wants foreign nationals to constitute 40% of every company in South Africa.

In a message on Instagram‚ he pointed out that in 2014 immigration regulations stipulated that every company operating in the country applying for work visas “must ensure that a minimum of 60% South Africans are employed in that company”.

Prior to this‚ companies needed only to employ five to six South Africans‚ he said.

Gigaba added that he had directed the department’s Immigration Services to conduct inspections in many companies to ensure compliance.

“There are many restaurants‚ hotels‚ guest houses‚ construction‚ mining and other companies that are only employing foreign nationals‚ which undermines our laws‚ and exposes many foreign nationals in our country to risks such as was the case in Durban in May 2015‚” he said.

The Department of Home Affairs was currently drafting a new white paper to address the challenge of economic migrants in South Africa and improve asylum-seeker management.

“these claims are therefore nonsensical and baseless. Spreading such lies is reckless and must be fought immediately‚ viciously and frontally‚” he added.

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