‘I wasn’t man enough to stand up for you’ – Facebook message for murdered woman‚ ex-boyfriend in the dock today


Mucambe was found stabbed several times and stuffed into the boot of her car which was dumped in Jules Street‚ Johannesburg in October 2014.

Khoza‚ who went on the run following Mucambe’s murder‚ has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

With his feet shackled‚ he took to the witness box two weeks ago‚ where he gave his version of events.

Khoza claims his girlfriend and mother of his child‚ Kgomotso‚ murdered Mucambe after finding her at his home in Troyeville.

He painted Kgomotso as a jealous and abusive lover who had threatened some of his female friends and colleagues.

Khoza claimed that Kgomotso had been physical with him on numerous occasions.

On the day Mucambe was murdered‚ the two of them had made plans.

She was at his home when he borrowed her vehicle as he needed to go and drop off formula for his daughter at Kgomotso’s house.

Khoza alleged that after dropping off the formula‚ Kgomotso had insisted on returning home with him‚ claiming there were things she needed from Khoza’s home.

The pair drove to Khoza’s home together and he told her to stay in the vehicle while he went in to fetch the things he needed.

But Kgomotso followed him inside where Mucambe was waiting‚ Khoza said.

According to Khoza‚ an argument ensued between the two women and he decided to take his daughter to the bedroom.

While there‚ he heard screams and he returned to find Kgomotso stabbing Mucambe.

Khoza said he and Kgomotso hid the body and burnt their blood-soaked clothing.

In a bid to protect his girlfriend‚ the next day Khoza and his friend drove around in Mucambe’s vehicle until it ran out of petrol.

They then disposed of the vehicle with Mucambe’s body in the boot.

Khoza was later nabbed in Witbank. Kgomotso was also arrested.

She was found in possession of Mucambe’s cellphone but was released after she told police that Khoza had given her the phone.

The knife used to slash Mucambe was never found.

While Khoza has been behind bars since 2014‚ a Facebook account containing scores of his pictures and pictures of his daughter continues to be active.

In a post loaded on November 30‚ the user of the account wrote a heartfelt message to Mucambe with a picture of her attached.

“My woman crush Wednesday (wcw) goes to Mary-Lee. There’s something I want to get out of my chest and many of you might know the lady in the picture. The day she passed on I was present. Some believed I was involved in her murder. Some say I couldn’t have done it‚” the post read.

“This has been eating me up deep inside. Till this day because I know I didn’t commit the crime. Lord knows I didn’t do it. Her passing still haunts me till this day because I once loved this lady and I deeply cared for her. We were so close. Young. Crazy. In love And we had dreams‚” the post continues.

There is also an apology to Mucambe.

“I’m sorry I was a coward to help you out. I wasn’t man enough to stand up for you. I reacted in an abnormal way because I was in so much shock and disbelief. I felt like my head didn’t function after witnessing such trauma. I’m so sorry. At times I question my manhood because I couldn’t protect you.”

The post ends with “I love you Mary-Lee.”

On Friday‚ the user of the account also loaded a post where they claimed to be back on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp account contained no profile picture while the number never rang.

The case continues.

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