CRUSHED: Abandoned cars at city pound are now scrap


CRUSHED: Abandoned cars at city pound are now scrap

TMG Digital | 2017-02-20 15:32:40.0

Cars and minibuses have been crushed by the CT Traffic Service. File photo.


The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Service has crushed 73 cars and minibuses that have been gathering dust at its vehicle impound facilities.

The vehicles did not make the cut for auction‚ given that they are old‚ in a dilapidated condition‚ and not roadworthy‚ the city said.

The operation‚ which took place late last week‚ was the second of its kind‚ following the destruction of 48 sedan taxi in 2015.

The city’s two vehicle impound facilities‚ in Ndabeni and Maitland‚ are currently home to approximately 750 vehicles.

“Vehicles are impounded for various reasons‚ including where public transport operators carry passengers without valid operating permits or operate contrary to the conditions of their permits‚ or if the vehicles are found to be abandoned.”

The city said the National Road Traffic Act allows for the disposal of vehicles left abandoned at a traffic premises for longer than 21 days. Vehicles can be auctioned and in November 2016‚ the City sold 106 vehicles in this manner; however‚ those that are not roadworthy are disposed of by a contractor appointed to crush and compact the vehicles.

“We have to dispose of vehicles that have been abandoned because vehicle impoundments happen on a daily basis and our two pounds are taking strain. Impound release fees are set at a stepped tariff rate and we believe motorists simply cannot afford to reclaim a vehicle that has been impounded a second or third time‚ which means the strategy is working. As the saying goes “wie nie hoor nie‚ moet voel” (those who don’t want to listen‚ must feel it)‚’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security; and Social Services‚ Alderman JP Smith.

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