Victims still traumatised by voices of Alexandra ‘balaclava rapists’


Some of the victims have attended court proceedings at the South Gauteng High Court religiously‚ wanting to see justice prevail.

“They are just so traumatised‚” said Elizabeth Mokoena‚ head of the clinic‚ talking to media about the impact of the attack and subsequent trial.

Sija Mabitsela and his co-accused Xaniseka Mkansi‚ are charged not only with raping scores of women around Alexandra while concealing their faces with balaclavas‚ but also with forcing men they found walking with women to rape them too.

“It didn’t matter that this was a boyfriend or a cousin‚” said Mokoena.

The youngest male victim was 16 when he was forced to rape his 14-year-old cousin.

The rapists usually attacked their victims at a park and cemetary in Alexandra.

“Since their arrest‚ there have been no cases reported from the park and cemetery although we do still do get rape cases‚” Mokoena said.

The Alexandra Kidz Clinic raised the alarm about a serial rapist when they noticed they were receiving numerous cases of an attacker using a balaclava.

After this‚ they noticed that the original attacker had recruited a partner and they now had a firearm.

The men allegedly used a gunshot signal after they had tracked down a victim and they would both rape and rob them.

DNA evidence has linked both men to the rapes but only Mabitsela‚ who was alleged to have been the mastermind of the whole operation‚ had pleaded guilty.

In the same way he hid his face during his rape ordeals‚ he continued to hide his face during the trial. He draped a brown towel around his face as well as a scarf as he took to the dock.

Not once did he reveal his face.

The court has accepted his guilty plea to all 53 charges.

These range from rape‚ compelled rape‚ kidnapping‚ assault‚ sexual assault and robbery under aggravated circumstances.

Mabitsela‚ who used to be a sangoma‚ also has previous convictions.

This will all be taken into account when he is sentenced.

His case returns to court on March 30 when the court will receive an update of the witness impact statements.

Meanwhile‚ his alleged accomplice returns to court on March 24.

Mokeona revealed that some of the victims lived in fear that the pair will be released. Others have resorted to leaving Alexandra.

“We tell them‚ though‚ that these men won’t be back anytime soon‚” said Mokoena.

 – TMG Digital

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