Helen Zille’s (b) adventures in Twitter land


Helen Zille’s (b) adventures in Twitter land

Kyle Cowan | 2017-03-17 09:47:05.0

Western Cape premier Helen Zille. File photo.


Helen Zille’s Twitter mishaps have caused the official opposition some major red-facery over the years.

Thursday’s colonialism comment may be the final nail in her political coffin‚ some opinionistas are saying.

There has been massive outrage over the tweet‚ but here are other times the Western Cape premier landed in hot water over her social media outbursts:


This tweet‚ long since deleted‚ called school learners from the Eastern Cape “refugees”.

Or this one‚ when she weighed in on the “two blacks” restaurant bill that caused national outrage.

Or the time she suggested that protesting students that they should leave the campus if they were so unhappy. She famously told the Cape Argus newspaper “to write whatever they wanted” because she was sleeping when contacted for comment.

Zille has survived the past Twitter storms‚ but on Thursday she was forced to issue an apology‚ after initially defending her utterances.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has said that Zille would face disciplinary action.

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