Parking on Johannesburg streets free‚ for now


Parking on Johannesburg streets free‚ for now

Naledi Shange | 2017-03-22 12:19:46.0

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Motorists will have a breather from paying for parking on the streets of Johannesburg as the 300 parking attendants‚ usually dressed in green or black t-shirts are no longer there to monitor payments.

The contract managing the parking attendants has ended‚ said the Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson‚ Wayne Minnaar on Wednesday.

“But this doesn’t mean that parking will be completely free. Motorists who are found to be parking for more than an hour will be fined R200‚” said Minnaar.

“Motorists who are found parking in loading zones‚ on yellow lanes and where there are red lines will be fined R250. Those who park in bus lanes will be fined R500.

“Parking at entrances will be fined R1000 and any vehicle which obstructs traffic will be towed to the metro pound and will be released once a fine of R2765 is paid‚” Minnaar warned.

Parking a vehicle on any street in the Johannesburg CBD cost R4 for 30 minutes and R8.50 for an hour.

This meant a person working in the CBD in a building that did not cater for parking would have to cough up R68 a day for eight hours of parking.

Motorists who refused to pay for the parking were usually issued a traffic fine.

The CBD had several underground parking depots. A day of parking at these facilities usually costs R38.

Minnaar said the absence of the parking attendants took away manpower from the JMPD.

Around 200 metro police officers had since been deployed to the CBD to manage the parking.

“[The attendants] have helped to rotate parking when the officers are not there because then we could use the officers for other things‚” said Minnaar.

The department was working on securing another contract.

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