Axe-wielding landlord an ‘insane psychopath’‚ says threatened woman’s father


Axe-wielding landlord an ‘insane psychopath’‚ says threatened woman’s father

Jeff Wicks | 2017-03-23 11:24:46.0

A Durban landlord who threatened a female tenant with an axe has been described as “an insane psychopath” by the woman’s father.

Video footage of a heated exchange between the elderly landlord and his tenant‚ over a parking bay‚ went viral on social media. In the footage the axe-wielding landlord strikes a security gate that separates the arguing parties.

Timothy Lee‚ the father of the woman heard speaking in the clip‚ told TimesLIVE on Thursday that his 27-year-old daughter had been gripped by fear.

“Who comes at someone with an axe? That psychopath needs to be locked up‚” he said.

He said that his daughter rented a room on the property and‚ with the arrival of a new tenant‚ a dispute over parking had arisen.

“The landlord had promised the tenant an undercover parking and never discussed it with the two. My daughter had blocked him in because she wanted to have a discussion with him and then this all played out yesterday at 6:30am. We went to the police and opened a charge. They said they can only pursue a case of malicious damage to property for breaking her flower pots‚” Lee said.

TimesLIVE has reached out to the landlord to hear his side of the story.

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