Metered taxi protest on Gauteng highways: What we know so far


Metered taxi protest on Gauteng highways: What we know so far

Roxanne Henderson | 2017-03-30 14:42:22.0

Uber and Taxify are‚ on average‚ between R30 and R50 cheaper than meter taxis.

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Gauteng’s three cities have been unsettled by an unplanned protest on the provinces highways by metered taxi drivers.

Protesting metered taxi drivers are expected to make their way to Uber South Africa’s offices in Johannesburg on Thursday‚ after causing traffic delays on Gauteng’s N14.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said early in the afternoon that there had not yet been disruptions on Johannesburg roads.

“We are aware that they are making their way to Uber’s office in Parktown. More officers will be deployed on the route.”

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department’s Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said he was not aware of any disruptions.

Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said that there were no major disruptions in Pretoria but that he received reports of metered taxi drivers blocking traffic on the N14.

“I don’t know where on the N14. We are heading there now.”

Metered taxi driver and one of the organisers of a “sit-in” on Thursday morning Abna Mathikinya said he was not aware of any drivers heading to Johannesburg.

“We just went to the Transport Department in Pretoria to send our rejection letter. Last month we marched to this department on the illegality of Uber‚ Taxify and other services using apps.

“They answered us but they gave a very vague answer. The department says they do not have authority over the operations of these people who connect to apps.”

Metered taxi drivers want a clamp-down on the operations of services like Uber‚ which they say are not regulated by the government as are they.

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