WATCH: The unlikely friendship between two orphans – a rhino and a cat


WATCH: The unlikely friendship between two orphans – a rhino and a cat

Suthentira Govender | 2017-03-30 14:52:34.0

Their favourite activities are romping together on a dirt road and taking naps side-by-side. Two orphans have struck up an unlikely friendship at a Limpopo sanctuary for the orphaned and injured – rhinos‚ that is.

Mewie the cat and Nandi the baby rhino‚ both rescued animals‚ have become inseparable since she arrived at the Rhino Orphanage in December last year.

The orphanage‚ which rehabilitates orphaned and injured rhinos for release back into the wild‚ took in the white rhino‚ who was two-months at the time‚ after her mother was killed by poachers and she was unable to fend for herself.

She’s had to undergo stomach surgery but is on the mend. And as part of her healing process‚ Nandi found a friend in Mewie‚ who lives at the orphanage. The pair relish romping on a dirt road‚ taking strolls and sharing a mattress where they take naps together.

A video capturing the two animals’ antics has gone viral‚ with over 1000 views and 700 shares on social media.

“Mewie is my cat and I rescued him from a township last April when he was about four weeks old. I raised him here at the orphanage and he always follows me around while I’m working‚” said Jamie Traynor‚ caretaker and manager of the orphanage.

“That’s how he met Nandi. We had to sleep with Nandi for the first few weeks after she arrived and Mewie did not want to be left out‚” Traynor said the pair’s friendship developed slowly.

“Mewie became more confident around her and Nandi became more curious of Mewie. Part of Nandi’s routine was going out for a walk in the morning and afternoon.

Mewie loves going for walks with me in the bush so he decided to join us which is where the two of them started interacting more.” While their bond remains‚ they walks have become less as Mewie has now befriended a new baby rhino J’aime.

“Mewie is a very brave and curious cat and he’s grown up around rhinos so I’m pretty sure he thinks that he’s a rhino‚” said Traynor.

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