WATCH: Hemp pioneer celebrates court ruling on dagga


WATCH: Hemp pioneer celebrates court ruling on dagga

TMG Digital | 2017-04-01 12:49:00.0

Pro-dagga activists lighting up on the steps of the Cape Town high court in celebration of the court’s ruling in favour of decriminalisation of dagga for private use.

Image by: Ruvan Boshoff

South Africa’s leading hemp activist has welcomed Friday’s court ruling allowing people to grow and smoke dagga at home.

Standing outside the High Court in Cape Town‚ Tony Budden – owner and founder of Cape Town retailer Hemporium – said it was the first step in a campaign which he believes can create thousands of jobs from growing hemp and using it to make products ranging from bricks to clothing and cosmetics.

Growing hemp specifically for industrial use is restricted because of the plant’s relationship to the psychotropic plant whose dried buds are used to make cannabis joints.

Although hemp is low in THC — the compound found in recreational or medicinal cannabis — in South Africa there is no legal distinction between the two substances. In February‚ the Medicines Control Council said it would publish draft guidelines on the use of medicinal marijuana.

The next judicial step in the campaign for dagga legalisation comes at the end of July in what has been dubbed “the trial of the plant” in the High Court in Pretoria.

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