Ex-SARS man‚ Lackay‚ grilled in CCMA hearing


Ex-SARS spokesman Adrian Lackay on Monday morning faced intense cross-examination at the Commission for Conciliation‚ Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) offices in Johannesburg.

Lackay’s case centres on what he claims was his constructive dismissal from SARS.

Lackay‚ who resigned from SARS in February 2015‚ says he was “forced” out of the organisation because of a breakdown in working relations with Moyane.

The poor working conditions relate to allegations that a rogue spy unit had been established and operated from within SARS.

In his previous hearings before the CCMA on the matter‚ Lackay testified the working conditions were untenable and that he has been identified as a “problem” in SARS communication machinery.

Earlier on Monday morning‚ Lackay was grilled by SARS lawyer‚ Wisani Sibuyi who asked whether he “hated” Moyane and his management style.

“You claim that management wanted to get rid of you … that you were targeted‚ yet management never got rid of you.

“Why would you believe this?” asked Sibuyi.

Sibuyi said he would show how Lackay was “rude” and “disrespectful” to his managers.

“An example of this‚” said Sibuyi‚ “is a leave application you put in. You were instructed to meet with Moyane and inform him of this but never did‚” he said reading from an email his line manager had sent Lackay.

“In this email you were admonished. Your line manager says to you that you ignored his request‚ not once but three times.

“We will show that you are rude and disrespectful. That you deliberately disobey lawful instructions.”

Lackay responded that he had never neglected his work duties.

“I tried to do my work‚ while things were hidden from me when the organisation was in serious trouble in the media.

“On crucial decisions the institution makes‚ I was kept out of the loop. Being kept out of the loop meant that I couldn’t do my work properly.

“I learnt that I was seen as part of the problem‚ which is why people were cutting me out of the loop.”

Sibuyi questioned Lackay repeatedly over who had told him he was seen as a “problem”

“You say you were called a problem‚ but cannot say by who‚ can you?”

Sibuyi grilled Lackay over his employment history with SARS‚ his previous threats to resign and the communication machinery of SARS.

“The only reasons you didn’t carry out your threats to resign was because they kept on offering you more money even when you had other job offers.”

The hearing is continues.

– TMG Digital/The Times

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