Split in the ANC has deepened‚ says veteran


Split in the ANC has deepened‚ says veteran

TMG Digital | 2017-04-03 08:26:16.0

South African President Jacob Zuma. File photo.

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Poet and political activist Wally Serote says its concerned group of former leaders of the ruling party must join foundations who are mobilising citizens to address problems faced by the ANC.

Speaking to EWN on Monday‚ Serote expressed the frustration that the stalwarts have faced trying to set up a meeting with the leadership of the ANC to discuss the crisis the country is facing.

“When we were meeting with the top six‚ this is what we used to tell them that this organisation is in a serious crisis. Now it has indicated its split. There is a split that has happened and it deepens the crisis of the ANC‚” Serote said.

“We said that this is the way that we think we should resolve this matter. They have not taken this into consideration. Since March 15‚ we have been wanting to meet with them‚ saying let us come together and discuss this matter. They have consistently postponed that meeting‚” Serote said.

He added that the ANC stalwarts would engage citizens on the best way going forward following President Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle that shocked the nation and left some in the ruling party unhappy.

“We must engage the nation. We are going to engage the nation through a national dialogue. My personal view is that we should not be inventing wheels here. Seven foundations are saying they are doing that‚ let us partner with them.”

When Serote was asked about the possibility of ANC members voting against the president in Parliament‚ he said: “We are waiting to see what their decision is. They know our views. They know where we stand. They know what we want to do. They should associate themselves with what the veterans and stalwart MK council have said [which is] we have to save the ANC.

“Let us see what they will do. It is their actions which will tell us who they are and what they stand for in terms of this crisis.”

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation have expressed their commitment in making sure that the legacy of their two stalwarts is not destroyed by the current political crisis within the ANC.

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