Manenberg residents take a hike… to Constantia


Manenberg residents take a hike… to Constantia

Nashira Davids | 2017-04-04 12:36:39.0

Image by: Constantia Valley Tourism via Google photo

Residents of one of the country’s most violent suburbs on the Cape Flats went for a hike.

But it was no ordinary outing. They visited Constantia – where Simon van der Stel founded the country’s first wine farm and where a home can fetch up to R65 million.

Manenberg community leader‚ known only as Gatto‚ explained why they took a tour to the land from which their ancestors were forcibly: “The contradictions of life in Manenberg and Constantia are a stark reminder of people living in two different worlds. One in which our people are perishing on the Cape Flats whilst others are living it up in Constantia”.

“[It is time] to bring these two worlds together as part of our African restoration and healing‚” said Gatto.

On Thursday they walked through farm land and eventually visited the burial site of Muslim slaves.

Yaaseen Hendricks went to Constantia with his grandfather. The 12-year-old said he was shocked to see how people lived.

“I would move there because it is so peaceful‚” said the Grade 7 pupil who explained how gang violence is escalating in his neighbourhood.

“The last time I heard gunshots was on Wednesday at my home. I always want to know why they are shooting at each other. It is sad to see.”

Gatto said his reaction is similar to that of the other children who wanted to know why they had to live on the Cape Flats.

Earlier‚ gang violence had prevented members of the Maneberg Women’s League from marching to their local municipal offices. The women want the City of Cape Town to explain why their area has been “neglected”.

– TMG Digital/The Times

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