Use Palm Sunday to highlight political woes‚ says Anglican Bishop


Use Palm Sunday to highlight political woes‚ says Anglican Bishop

TMG Digital | 2017-04-04 12:37:22.0

Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg, Rev Steve Moreo.

Image by: Tom Hamilton via Twitter

The Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg has asked all parishes and office bearers in the diocese to use the coming Palm Sunday to highlight the country’s problems.

In his letter‚ Rev Steve Moreo said it is the poor and marginalised who would suffer the worst due to the impact of the recent cabinet reshuffle.

“Christians should not be surprised that politicians play loose and fast and stop acting with integrity. After all‚ this coming Sunday we will mark the day on which Jesus Christ entered the gates of Jerusalem to the jubilant shouts of ‘Hosanna to the King of Kings.’ And then‚ during the days that follow in Holy Week leading to Good Friday‚ we will recall how those in power played loose and fast with Jesus.

“Understanding that the jubilation of that first Palm Sunday soon turned into the diabolical and heinous trial and execution of the Saviour of humankind‚ I ask my fellow Anglicans to make their procession this Sunday one that recognises the parlous state of our beloved land‚ South Africa. For we are in the midst of our own trial‚” said the reverend.

He added: “Use banners proclaiming the King of Kings‚ but also convey the message that our God is a God of the poor‚ the oppressed and the marginalised‚ and that their servants (ministers of state) should not act in a way that retards their progress as happened with the Presidential action last week. Wave your African palm tree fronds in our autumnal breeze to signify that we as Christians require fundamental change in South Africa.”

Last week‚ President Jacob Zuma reshuffled his cabinet‚ in the process firing finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas. The move left not only citizens shocked‚ but also members of the tripartite alliance. Members of the top six structure in the ANC made public comments suggesting that the list used in the reshuffle did not originate from the ruling party.

Just days after the reshuffle‚ ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded South African debt to junk status‚ arguing that the cabinet reshuffle put policy continuity at risk.

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