Water not just scarce in Cape Town – it’s also got a funny smell


Water not just scarce in Cape Town – it’s also got a funny smell

TMG Digital | 2017-04-07 10:01:43.0

Theewaterskloof Dam in the Cape. File photo

Image by: Mille Foto via YouTube

The City of Cape Town is experiencing “high levels” of geosmin in the water drawn from its Theewaterskloof Dam.

Geosmin is a naturally occurring organic compound‚ which has an earthy smell. It does not affect water quality or safety‚ the city said in a statement on Facebook.

“The City continues to add powdered activated carbon dosing during the water treatment process in an attempt to absorb this compound and to reduce the unpleasant spell and taste as far as possible‚” it said.

“This situation is likely to persist until the onset of the winter rains.”

Residents are anxiously watching dam levels drop as the region is in the grip of a severe drought.

The city added‚ “It must be emphasised that geosmin poses no threat to human health. Even minute concentrations can be detected by the incredibly sensitive human palate. Water quality is closely monitored via a large number of water samples analysed according to the stringent South African National Standards requirements.”

“This explains the taste. Not harmful though‚” Haanim Galvaan commented on the post.

“But lots of people suffering stomach discomfort… The water best avoided for drinking. We are buying water. Now no stomach problems‚” said Delene Tarr.

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