‘I was ‘not so lucky ’ to be invited to Saxonwold’ – and ‘that’s the luck I don’t want’‚ quips Makhura


‘I was ‘not so lucky ’ to be invited to Saxonwold’ – and ‘that’s the luck I don’t want’‚ quips Makhura

Kgaugelo Masweneng | 2017-05-16 13:33:43.0

David Makhura. File photo.

Image by: South African presidency/government flickr stream

Gauteng premier David Makhura was quizzed about radical economic transformation and whether he was close to the Guptas at a provincial legislature sitting on Tuesday.

The legislature opened for its second term after a recess‚ with a suggestion by the Democratic Alliance (DA) that the African National Congress (ANC) stop using the phrase radical economic transformation as it was “politically loaded”.

Makhura replied‚ “There is no confusion‚ not in our province‚” about the meaning of radical economic transformation within the ANC and South African Community Party.

He said that numerous policies had been implemented by the ANC to include the majority of citizens in the economy. “We said that we aim to ensure that South Africans participate in the economy and share equitably in the wealth of our country.

“There’s a need for a radical economic shift to address the following core aspects – the question of the land redistribution‚ a change in the structure of the economy and ensuring there’s decent employment for our people and the importance of protecting the rights of the workers as important economic players‚” he said.

He said the term also involved developing new modern technology and investing in changing the skills profile of black people‚ enabling them to be at the heart of all professions.

Without mincing his words‚ he said that corruption and state capture had to be fought but not confused with radical economic transformation.

Makhura batted away a question about his possible association with the Gupta family by saying that he was “not lucky” enough to have been invited to the family’s home in Saxonwold‚ Johannesburg.

“I never met with the Guptas. I wasn’t invited there. There are things that when you avoid‚ it’s because God loves you more. I was not so lucky and that’s the luck I don’t want‚” he quipped.

He was also asked about the dangers of state power utility Eskom being a monopoly. “Any monopoly is dangerous whether black or white‚” he said.

But‚ he added‚ in a growing economy monopolies were “unavoidable”. It was only necessary to look into them if they became “destructive and drastic”‚ he said.

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