IN PICTURES: Dunoon residents capitalise on thriving rental market


IN PICTURES: Dunoon residents capitalise on thriving rental market

Masixole Feni | 2017-05-17 14:02:03.0

Image by: GroundUp

A thriving rental market has developed in Dunoon with RDP houses being converted‚ extended or extra storeys added.

In some cases new blocks are being built on RDP plots. As you enter Dunoon‚ developments can be seen on almost every street.






A block of rental flats surrounded by informal shacks in Dunoon. Pictures: GroundUp

Creche and chapel.jpg 

Containers have been used on one site to establish a crèche on the ground floor and a small Christian chapel for Sunday services on top of it. During the week‚ choir practice is held.

mosque and dentist.jpg 

A mosque with its minaret visible has been built above the premises of a dental surgery. Two men who collect recyclable materials can be seen passing by.




two storey.jpg 

One family has created a second storey to gain a rental income. The conversion was simple and innovative.



A block with a mix of commercial and residential tenants.


Night club.jpg 

These homeowners have established a night club‚ the Upstairs Lounge‚ which operates on weekends only.

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