‘Take down the president before he takes the country down’ – Save SA campaign


‘Take down the president before he takes the country down’ – Save SA campaign

TMG Digital | 2017-05-26 11:22:13.0

President of South Africa Jacob Zuma reacts during a rally following the launch of a social housing project in Pietermaritzburg

President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. File photo.

Image by: ROGAN WARD


South Africa can no longer ignore the urgent need for a judicial commission of inquiry into state capture‚ the Save SA campaign said on Friday.

“We demand a full and swift investigation‚ led by an independent investigation team‚ and we demand it now – and then we must ensure that those involved in state capture are themselves captured and sent to jail.”

The lobby group in the space of a week‚ South Africa has witnessed first-hand testimony on the scale and impact of state capture from senior government leaders and officials‚ through the SA Council of Churches’ “unburdening process” and academic research stating that state capture is effectively a “silent coup”‚ through the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) report “Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is being stolen”.

“….The evidence is there. What we need is action to stop it.

“It is clear that there should only be one thing on the ANC leadership’s mind this weekend: taking Jacob Zuma down before he takes the entire country – and the ANC – down with him.”

The ruling party’s top leadership is meeting in Irene from today.

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