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Durban unrest spreads

Jeff Wicks | 2017-05-31 07:22:26.0

Kwamashu resident and students protesting through the streets .

Image by: Jackie Clausen

An anti-foreign national sentiment understood to have driven mass looting and demonstrations in KwaMashu spread to Chesterville on Tuesday night.

On Monday‚ police struggled to contain civil unrest in KwaMashu after mobs went on the rampage‚ looting shops and stores owned by immigrants. One man was killed and a teenage girl was wounded in two separate shooting incidents.

On Tuesday‚ crowds gathered at Road 1 in Chesterville. A police source with knowledge of the incident told TMG Digital that protesters had erected burning barricades and attempted to block roads leading into the township.

“They believe that a foreigner was arrested for kidnapping a child‚ which is completely false.”

Several police officers‚ the education department and community safety officials have said claims of foreign nationals abducting children are untrue.

Police in the province remain on high alert in an attempt to halt the further spread of violence.

This is a developing story.

-TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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