Durban cafe’s covfefe brings the boys to the yard


Durban cafe’s covfefe brings the boys to the yard

Suthentira Govender | 2017-06-08 13:37:57.0

A CUP OF COVFEFE: The Boiler Room Café’s mysterious milkshake the covfefe, is proving a hit.


Much like Donald Trump’s unfathomable “covfefe” tweet‚ a milkshake created in the online gaff’s honour has Durbanites pondering as they sip.

The Boiler Room Cafe‚ which seems to have a penchant for taking the mickey out of US president Donald Trump‚ has invented the “covfefe shake” in honour of the now infamous tweet. And it has the city’s milkshake aficionados lapping it up.

Just as nobody – apart from‚ maybe‚ Trump himself – knows what the “despite the constant negative press covfefe” tweet meant‚ only the creators of the indulgent shake knows what’s in it. The ingredients are a closely-guarded secret. The shake – topped with pink and white marshmallows to represent Trump’s muddled thoughts – seems to have hints of coffee and chocolate in it.


TRUMPLICIOUS: Boiler Room Café owner Gina Neilson with her Trump and Covfefe concoctions.

Boiler Room manager Kerry Fantowski said: “We can’t reveal what’s in a covfefe‚ because nobody knows what it is.”

It’s inspired by the new term coined by Trump‚ which has left the global social media world baffled and given Daily Show host Trevor Noah more fodder for his popular talk show. Many have mused that the president may have fallen asleep mid-tweet or perhaps he hadn’t notice he had made a typo.

The tweet‚ which has also inspired a series of hilarious memes‚ remained on Trump’s Twitter feed for six hours before it was deleted.

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ’covfefe’?” the US president said after deleting it.


Picture: Jackie Clausen

Apart from concocting the “covfefe”‚ owner of the Boiler room Gina Neilson also has amongst her liquid refreshments‚ “The Trump”.

“It contains orange‚ carrot‚ ginger and pineapple juice – like Trump’s hairdo‚” said manager Kerry Fantowski.

Both The Trump and Covfefe cost R39‚ with the latter “trending” at the eatery and Facebook at the moment.


Picture: Jackie Clausen

Facebook users are raving about the creamy delight on the Boiler Room’s Facebook page.

“Treated myself to your secret shake today‚ so yummy!!!” said Tracy Leigh Barnes. Another‚ Sandra Herman posted: “Can’t trump that.”

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