Atlantis mother and daughter to be laid to rest


Atlantis mother and daughter to be laid to rest

Petru Saal | 2017-06-13 16:55:59.0

Octavia Skippers and her daughter Cleo were laid to rest on Saturday. File photo.

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The faces of Octavia Skippers and her daughter Cleo were so badly disfigured that the family cannot have an open casket viewing.

A passer-by stumbled upon the bodies of Skippers‚ 23‚ and her two-year-old daughter in an open veld in Protea Park in Atlantis on Tuesday last week. The mother had gone to the salon to braid her hair and never returned.

Skippers’ family is still trying to come to terms with the death of their eldest son now they have to deal with losing their daughter and granddaughter‚ said ward councillor and family spokesperson Barbara Rass.

“They are four children. Octavia is the youngest. The eldest brother was also murdered. That was not too long ago” said Rass.

The discovery of the bodies comes after a family fallout on Saturday. Octavia then left to go to Witsand to braid her hair.

Rass finds it very strange that Cleo’s father has not come to the family to express his condolences.

“The father is silent. He was the first suspect. The police arrested him but they released him again. He is currently now missing in action.”

The last time the family saw him was on Saturday when they had the fallout. According to Rass the father of the child had gone to fetch his mother to intervene in the argument between him and Octavia’s family.

Wilfred Oliphant‚ 35 appeared in court on Monday in connection with the murders. The 35-year-old didn’t apply for bail and the matter has been postponed to July 14 for further investigation. If the accused applies for bail the State will oppose the application.

Skippers and her daughter will be laid to rest on Saturday.

“These are people who are extremely poor that is why the City of Cape Town will be financing the funeral. One ward councillor will be donating a bus and another will be donating food for the funeral attendees. We are actually doing everything.”

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