Cassper talks about his manhood! Here’s why you need to watch his Instagram Live videos


The rapper has not held back during his live sessions and has often had fans rolling on the floor with his hilarious clap backs and life stories.

The Mama I Made it star has been candid in his responses to fans during the sessions but had many blushing on Wednesday evening when he spoke about his manhood.

Responding to a fan’s suggestion that Cassper had a large package, the rapper said that he was “not massive” but “could do the job”.

He went on to explain that he understood where the assumption came from but that he was happy with his manhood.

His comments came during a hilarious hour-long session which saw the star divulge a number of hilarious tit-bits about his life.

Here’s just some of the other hilarious info that Cassper has done on his Instagram Live Stories that have us rushing for our phone when we hear he is online.

He farts.

Part of the appeal of Instagram Live Stories is that it’s live and raw. Which means that when Cassper had to fart and couldn’t hold it in, all of his followers heard him “prrrmmmm” proudly on their phones. Lol.

He has an insane shoe collection that he isn’t afraid to flex

We all know about the Bentleys and the gold Rolex watches, but Cassper gave fans an intimate look at his enormous shoe collection. The collection includes a pair of kicks he claims are one of only two in the country. The other pair, of course, belongs to Black Coffee.

He has impromptu car karaoke sessions

Several times Cassper has started a live session while in the car and turned on the tunes. He encouraged fans to sing along to a number of hits, from Gucci Mane to John Legend and Usher. These sessions often included Cassper singing at the top of his voice and pulling all kinds of faces.

He calls his friends and fans live

When Cassper remembered to call someone while in the middle of an Instagram session, he didn’t stop the stream to make the call. No, he grabbed his second phone and put the call on speaker- allowing all of his followers to listen in on the conversation.

He dishes out life and love advice

When Cassper isn’t being goofy, the star is swimming in the feels and giving fans solid life advice. So far he has dished out advice on love, money, fame and the trappings of being a rapper.

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