We can’t think of anyone better to launch a line of shoes, can you?


Katy PerryKaty Perry is set to launch a new footwear line next month.

The 32-year-old singer has joined forces with Global Brands Group Holding Limited and has revealed she will be unveiling her shoe collection Katy Perry Footwear in the upcoming weeks, although she has been working on the fashion range for “three years”, according to Footwear News website.

Speaking about her forthcoming designs, the Roar hitmaker said: “[Footwear] was a part of me that needed to be carefully created and developed, and I had to weigh a lot of my options. So for about three years, I was educating myself on the business and [thinking about] who would be a great partner.”

And the brunette beauty – who is known for her eccentric style – has described her capsule, which features pumps with rabbit detail on the toe, and platform shoes with a cigar heel, as “vibrant, expressive and defining”.

She explained: “It’s vibrant, expressive and defining.

“Not everybody is rich, and not everybody is excessive. And everybody has more important things to spend their money on – whether it’s their children, or their family or their health. At the end of the day, your personality shouldn’t be so expensive to display.

“We’ve learned through manufacturing and science that we can make things [with] better quality that don’t take so much time. Applying all of this information makes a better product faster and with more options.”

And Katy has recruited the help of stylist Johnny Wujek – who is a creative director on the collection – and the pair have a WhatsApp group where they discuss new ideas for potential designs.

Johnny explained: “Katy and I have always talked about doing a clothing line and shoes, so this was the perfect transition.

“Global Brands has a design team that has all of the trend forecasting knowledge, and we powwow. I contribute images, and we pitch [our ideas] to Katy. She picks through what she likes and puts pictures in and takes pictures out, and then it goes into sketching.

“We are just throwing ideas and screen grabs in there all the time. It’s just so much fun.”

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