Mabala Noise: If Riky wants to leave we will not stand in his way


Despite the frenzy that unfolded around the rapper’s resignation and the legalities that need to be ironed out, the label says it will not stand in Riky’s way.

The Sidlukotini hitmaker shook the internet with his lengthy resignation announcement, which explained that the decision came after a lengthy period of reflection, and that his family and future had allegedly been threatened.

While the drama continues to be one of the most talked about topics in the country, Mabala Noise spokesperson Mhlo Gumede told TshisaLIVE that Riky was still a member of  Mabala Noise, and that a contract was still in place.

He confirmed that Riky had signed a three-year deal with the label and would have to see the contract out if he wanted to leave.

The label claimed that they would not stand in Riky’s way if he wanted to leave but he would need to meet with them to discuss the terms of the termination.

“We will not stand in his way but he has to discuss it with us. There is a contract in place and we need to discuss the terms of it and see how we can accommodate both parties. If Riky wants to leave he knows what he needs to do,” Mhlo said.

There’s also been widespread speculation that Mabala had allegedly threatened to take back Riky’s house and cars, and that his contract was worth a whopping R12 million.

However, Mhlo would not be drawn into commenting on the speculation.

Meanwhile, Riky told Tbo Touch on TouchCentral that he had called Mabala Noise boss Reggie Nkabinde, but had no success.

Mhlo said that the Mabala Noise boss was a “busy man” and that Riky had made no effort to reach out to anyone else at Mabala or visit the office.

“He knows where the offices are. He didn’t come to the office or call anyone to discuss his decision,” Mhlo said.

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