George Michael’s cousin blasts friends in Facebook rant


George Michael George Michael’s cousin has blasted the star’s friends and lovers for not being genuine.

Andros Georgiou – who had been estranged from the late Wham! singer for a number of years before his death on Christmas Day (25.12.16) – penned an emotional Facebook post on the day of the ‘Shoot the Dog’ hitmaker’s funeral on Wednesday (29.03.17), in which he claimed the star had “no friends, no family to help and support him” and declared Anselmo Feleppa, who died of AIDS in 1993, was George’s “only true love”.

Andros – who has publicly criticised George’s partner, Fadi Fawaz, since his death – wrote on Facebook: “The 29th March 2017 is the day I say Goodbye to the man I met when I was just 1 years old. The man I spent 38 Years of my life with.

“The man I am proud to say was the only man I ever truly loved, The man who was very special to me and always will be in my heart and my prayers .

“Very few of us knew the real Yog and what he had to endure and live with his whole life! no matter what you read or think you are wrong believe me!

“Anselmo was his only true love he ever had, the others were just passing ships in the night, no Love just convenience, he had no friends, no family to help and support him, just people who he placed around himself as he believed they would be people he could rely on he was wrong .

“Unfortunately those very people had only their own interests at heart. Today those people should be hanging their heads in shame ! You are free to call me and say whatever you want of me but nobody will ever be able to take away what I shared with Yog .(sic)”

Andros admitted the lack of contact he’d had with his cousin in recent years may mean the singer had “changed” in that time, but insisted there are always “some things” that stay the same about a person.

He added: “Some have said what I knew was his past and things change and people change I fully accept that.

“I say to those people some things you carry with you to the end of your days and no matter what happens in life there are something’s that never change about you or what you carry in your heart . I’m thankful I was privileged enough to know that side of him .

“The Truth will be told in the future believe me , there are a few people who were privy to what went on ,because what is hidden in the dark always has a way of coming out into the light .(sic)”

Andros ended his lengthy post by urging George’s fans to ensure his music lives on.

He added: “”But today light a candle say a prayer and play his music as it is his wonderful music that he was deeply passionate about . And as long as his fans live, his music will continue .

“Thank you to all the real fans that have given me so much support as for the haters you were never fans of Yogs and he knew that !

“if the days won’t allow me to see you , then the memories I hold of you will if my eyes can’t see you , my heart will never forget you

“God bless you Yog ! Until we meet again I Love you Andros (sic)”

Despite Andros’ comments, two of George’s former partners, Fadi and Texan art dealer Kenny Goss, were among the mourners at the ‘Father Figure’ singer’s funeral at London’s Highgate Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.

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